A spiritual relationship is an excellent way to heal the unconscious mind and its manifestations. Spiritual teacher David Hoffmeister provides detailed commentary on mind healing in the movie Solaris. This movie, which is also part of his Movie Watchers Guide To Enlightenment (MWGE) collection, is a classic film for spiritual Awakening and how relationships can heal the mind.

The whole time-space cosmos was made as a hiding place for the mind that is afraid to face the belief that it could ever separate from its true Self and its loving Source. It believes separation is real and in the attempt to distract away from Reality, it projects out a world full of images. Solaris speeds this process up.

Unhealed Mind Manifestation

Kris (George Clooney), the main character of this story is sent into space to a station orbiting around the planet Solaris. And like anyone else in the station, Kris is confronted with his unhealed past. He discovers that in coming close to Solaris, the people you have unhealed memories with will appear again before you. Soon after Kris arrived at the space station, his wife Rheya, who committed suicide on earth ten years ago, was suddenly standing in front of him. Throughout the movie, she keeps showing up until he realizes the lesson that he needs.

Special Relationship and Mind

The mind that is identified with the ego believes it is lacking. This is why most people on earth experience a constant feeling of incompleteness and desperately search for it outside of themselves. We can call this a “special” relationship. A special relationship means that you are trying to get something outside of yourself to fulfil you; something or someone that seems special to you. You are then in the game of trying to trade an incomplete-self for another self-concept that is believed to be better. For example, if you are identified as being single, and you think you would feel better as a couple-self rather than a single-solitary-self, you will believe in the advantage of the trade-up and seek to find the couple-self. But what we are discovering is that nothing outside of ourselves ever completely fulfils us and that is what this whole world is about, "Seek and do not find." It doesn't matter how many forms (body, world and universe) you look to find fulfilment in. It is all a giant trick to forever seek and not find. Therefore, the real solution is to go within and find love there.

The Fragmented Mind’s Expectations

The completion is Mind or in Spirit. Mind or Spirit was created whole and complete. When you start putting your mind energy out on the fragmented images of the world, that's where the problems start. As long as there seems to be a temptation or desire for a specific form outcome, an expectation, the feeling of wholeness is not fully experienced. Wholeness is complete contentment with everything as it is because all is an illusion. Therefore, bonding or attaching to another person is not in the wholeness of Spirit, and is the final wisp of illusion that has to be given up. The special relationship is the last obstacle on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

“But what has Solaris to do with any of this?” you may ask.

Every single belief in the mind is like a character in your life that will continue to show up to help bring out all the unconscious beliefs and desires that are up for healing. Solaris shows us exactly that, being a mechanism where we can all go down together to let go of our deep hidden fear—the fear of the Light. It is a complete journey into the mind and it is perfectly symbolised in this movie. Solaris helps us see that we are actually afraid of our own inner Light and that we are only trying to stay involved with form outcomes and appearances to not have to deal with this fear. We simply don’t need to keep reading meaning into things. We can stop the projection now. 

Unconscious Manifestation and Decisions

When you decide upon the form of what you want you lose the understanding of its purpose. (ACIM T.30-4)
You might think, “Why is that so? Why can’t I decide upon what I want?”

All form was made as a distracting device, as a hall of mirrors where whatever you believe to be true will be projected back at you through your relationships. Though, the Spirit will use every relationship and every single form the ego made as part of an array of symbols that will lead the mind more and more inward. First through disillusionment of the form, then drawn completely within to the Kingdom of Heaven, nirvana or whatever you want to call the state of enlightenment. No form in this world reflects the Kingdom of Heaven. Since we wanted to be independent and hide from the light, the world was made as an attack on your true Self, as a place where our true Source or God could not enter. 

The Healed Mind

Only the Forgiven World, which is the Holy Spirit's perception of form, comes closest to our Reality. The Holy Spirit sees the big picture and reflects that beautiful light of Heaven onto the whole screen, or onto all form. The big picture is what we can call, true Fulfilment. In terms of waking up, it isn’t a specific form, but an internal state of mind. All specifics were made to deny the Light within and whenever you think you've arrived at a specific, thinking, “Got it! I finally achieved it!”, you will notice that you won’t actually feel fulfilled. You may have a little glimmer of finally having gotten the thing you wanted, but you will soon find disillusionment after that. The ego will then say, “Well, keep seeking, you just haven't found it yet.” But the thing is... It is not there. There is nothing to be found. 

“We don't have to think like that anymore,” Rheya tells Kris at the end of the movie.

As long as the mind believes it needs to save others, it holds onto guilt from past stories. It will feel stuck there until it is ready for healing. Kris had been using Rheya to hide a deep inner fear and hurt around abandoning Rheya in her time of need. Only when Kris was finally ready to let go of punishing and blaming himself for Rheya’s death, she appeared before him one last time, saying, “We don’t have to think like that anymore.” This brought Kris back to the truth in his heart, so completely that he released all his thoughts and beliefs about the whole world. He became so serene as he saw that everything had been a set up so that he could heal and remember Himself.

Forgiveness shows there is no problem now and there never was. The only value this world holds is that you pass it by. “Be passersby” (Jesus)

Listen to Solaris movie commentary

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nicole koren on 2021-07-14

Thank you for this article. The language you used really spoke to me and clarified that movie! Many blessings 🙏💚🌞

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