The course in miracles is very practical. The workbook lessons can be applied to any problems that are arising in consciousness and with the help of the holy spirit, a miracle can take place. Today as I meditated with a workbook lesson 319 " I came for the salvation of the world"  I asked the holy spirit to help me interpret the lesson for healing. With that willingness, Holy Spirit removed the blocks from me experiencing salvation and God's love by using the power of relationships. 

 As I meditated on the lesson thoughts arose in my mind involving relationship problems I thought I was having. The thoughts flooded in like a giant spider web being weaved together with various ideas all occurring simultaneously. The belief about a "me" being a body and the body's needs arose and were questioned in relation to the relationship scenarios. Then the secret dream of guilt, fear, sin, in particular, a belief in being inadequate came forward. As I asked Holy Spirit for a new interpretation, it was revealed to me that I was seeking salvation in these situations and that the thoughts in this web were a call for the love of God and the memory of who I am. 

relationships with purpose and power of prayer

Going further, the holy spirit revealed that I was having a perceptual problem based on the belief of a "me" being inadequate. This belief was not true in reality. In fact nothing occurred in these relationships to make it so and that I am pure love and light. The spirit immediately guided my mind to memories of the miracles that were shared in these relationships. In that moment of remembering the miracle, I simultaneously experienced the power of relationships to remember my identity as Christ and inadequacy was all forgiven. This filled me with love and peace.

The holy spirit has the power to show us the truth about relationships and how it can lead us back to the power of our mind. Especially those relationships where the mind repeatedly brings forth the shadows of the past or the memory of guilt, sin, and fear, the holy spirit can create a spark of the memory of God. The course in miracles describes it here in Chapter 17 Section.III.6:7-11

David Hoffmeister describes in this video how Christ Vision leads us to the perception of the limitlessness of relationships to bring us to the memory of eternity :

Asking the holy spirit to guide my thoughts with a workbook lesson led me through a block of love's presence and into the natural state of being as perfect and still. Through a little willingness to look at the ego with the holy spirit, we gain in trust and enter the stillness of the heart of God where all problems are solved. 

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Nicole Miller

Content contributor. Using the holyspirit to guide the typing to extend the heart of christ that we all share.


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