We watched the movie Tangled on Wednesday with David Hoffmeister and it was a beautiful showing of how to follow the calling of your heart and the desire for awakening.

Gothel, the mother of Rapunzel was really someone else and wasn't her true mother. The ego hijacked the parent role to an extent that Rapunzel couldn't leave their tower out of safety concern from Gothel. 

Safety coming from the ego's version of it isn't really safe. Safety is in God's Hands and Rapunzel knew she had a calling out of familiarity into the magnitude that her heart was longing for.

With the help of mighty companions she transcends the limits that she had put on herself and found her true Home.

Take a leap of faith into your calling and expect cascading miracles. Listen to your heart and leave the false comfort zone behind.

Listen to David's full Spreaker talk of the movie here spreaker.com/user/davidhoffmeister/movie-gatherings-with-living-miracles-on

Watch movies for awakening live with David's commentary every Wednesday mwge.org/movie-gatherings

Watch Tangled Trailer #1 below

How to Watch Movies for Awakening

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