This is a classic movie about the authority problem: the idea that we can author ourselves instead of accepting that we are perfect as God created us.
Kevin Flynn is a video game developer who believes he created a digital world in which he is trapped. Fast-forward twenty years and we see Kevin’s son, Sam, looking for his father in the digital world which has degenerated into competition, hatred, and death.
To escape from the world of projection that we made, there has to be willingness to accept divine intervention—the miracle—symbolized in this movie by the character Quorra.
While Kevin knows that Quorra holds the key to their release, he still must be willing to step out of his “Zen” comfort zone and acknowledge that his attempt to make a perfect world was a complete and utter failure.
Once Kevin is willing to take responsibility for projecting the world, the miracle becomes activated for the return home via the portal, representing the acceptance of the Atonement.
The face-off between Kevin and his creation Clu at the end of this movie is, hands down, the best portrayal of the vigilance that is required to reel back our projections of the world and return Home. It’s time to forgive everything, to see that we “made it all up,” and take full responsibility for our state of mind.
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