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If it doesn't ultimately matter what I do for work, then how can I decide?

As I learn more about remembering and being my Divine Self, it becomes more apparent that it is not important what I do for work in the “world.” Maybe that is why I cannot decide what I want to do with my life here?

Your question is a version of beginning to step aside and letting the Spirit within lead the way. Wherever you seem to go and whatever you seem to do, your thoughts and words and attitudes and actions are demonstrating to everyone who you believe you are. Once the mind is clear and illuminated, there is no question about the words and actions that seem to flow from alignment with God. In approaching this sacred alignment it is always important to ask "What is this for?" with regard to the things that pass through the mind. This question is an undoing or unraveling mechanism for returning the mind to Divine Silence. As ego motives and desires are seen as meaningless, the Meaning or Identity that the ego sought to deny becomes evident.

What the world calls "work" is a backdrop for undoing the ego until there is nothing left to obstruct the awareness of Divine Providence. As the mind Awakens it learns to follow Inner Guidance, Which is ever Present, and the mind discovers that all perceived "needs" are met in following this Guidance. Divine Ease and God's Grace are reflected in a clear and open mind which has forgiven, thus transcending the belief in worldly problems. Once the belief in scarcity and reciprocity is released, there is no desire to "get" anything from anyone. Wholeness knows no lack or need, and every step in the direction of Wholeness is helpful in Awakening.

In Awakening it is important to remember to work with Love, and to let all actions be a reflection of a tranquil mind. As the seeming debts of false belief give way to forgiveness, the seeming debts of money are handled by the Holy Spirit without an emphasis upon them. Expressing God's Love ceases to seem awkward and seems more and more natural. Open communication is the priority and all ego attempts to achieve and get and fix and accumulate fall away. Work done with Love leaves the mind open to rest in God. Work done in Love leaves the mind in a natural State of Being, open to the I Need Do Nothing Solution. Work done in Love eliminates all "shoulds" and "ought tos" and "have tos." Everything flows from the Highest Good, the Will of God and the Will of God's Beloved Creation. All that remains is a Song of gratitude.

The Call to Awaken is the Call into Divine Providence. To accept the Inner Guidance is to be without a problem. Trust in Guidance is most practical. There is nothing else to trust.

Love & Blessings,