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Are all forms of sickness lessons we need to learn?

Are all forms of sickness lessons that we need to learn?

Sickness is an impossible lesson! Sickness and the ego are the same lesson. The Holy Spirit is a lesson and the ego is a lesson. They are different lessons. So, the mind that clings to the ego is trying to learn an impossible lesson, one that can never be learned because fear is not real. It would be like beating your head against the wall to try to learn the lesson of fear. The Holy Spirit is a lesson of forgiveness. It is the only lesson that can be learned, because it reflects the love of God. In the Kingdom of Heaven, there is no need for forgiveness. Truth needs no correction. The mind asleep is in need of the correction, and that is forgiveness. The ego has a different version of forgiveness. The ego says: "You did this thing against me. I have the evidence. I saw it with my own eyes. I heard it with my own ears. But, out of the kindness of my heart, even though you have wronged me, because I am superior, I will forgive you." The Holy Spirit teaches a different version of forgiveness: "You forgive your brother and sister for what they did not do." The grievance was a misperception, a setup of the ego to blame another person, to blame the person that you think you are, to blame the government, blame the weather, to blame something in form for your state of mind. Forgiveness lets go of the setup. That is why forgiveness is always a gift to yourself. It returns the mind to peace.