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What do you think about our state of affairs in terms of the "new world order" and other secret societies?

What do you think about our state of affairs in terms of the New World Order and secret societies? Do you have some practical insights in that area?

Thanks for writing and sharing your questions. The New World Order is wonderful to behold with the Holy Spirit, for there is an awareness of the Divine Order. Everything is in perfect alignment with the Purpose of the Holy Spirit. This Perspective is not the ego's version of the "New World Order" which always emphasizes control and a particular distribution of "power" and "resources." There is nothing new or spontaneous or inspired in the ego's apparent hierarchy of illusions. It matters not how the deck chairs of the Titanic are arranged or rearranged, for the Vastness of the Ocean of Spirit inevitably swallows up the entire "ship" in a Stillness that is the Allness of God.

As for secret societies, there is nothing that can BE kept secret or mysterious in the Holy Spirit's Gentle Light. Society is a construct of the ego, which believes in private thoughts and private minds that come and go and group and regroup and arrange and rearrange. Groupings, rumors, and secrets are the attempt to play hide and seek with Christ, yet the recognition of Christ is obvious and direct to the Mind that is whole and unified. The veil of duality falls away in the experience of Union, as dark gives way to the dawning of Light. Everything is openly revealed in Christ, and what seemed to imprison vanished before the coming of the Light.

Enlightenment is practical because it is inevitable. Heaven is Now, is Present, and is thus immediately Known. There are no mysteries in God, and the only seeming mystery was one of mistaken identity. Prayers are thus Answered: Christ is forever Christ, at One with God Eternally. No war was ever fought, for Eternity enters not into time, Truth never descends into error, and Infinity can never be made finite and broken into bits and pieces and degrees and measures. Present Peace is not a small Gift, and the Purpose of forgiveness is not difficult to grasp for the willing mind. It seemed difficult indeed to keep a secret identity apart from the Whole. An artificial concept of ordered images was impossible to uphold with the dawning of the Light. Now all that remains is to rejoice that illusions were never true!

Love & Blessings always,