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Is it true that feeling "calm" isn't the same as real peace?

David, recently you mentioned, "Judgment is an ego device for ordering illusions to bring a sense of calm to what seems to be chaos." Do I understand correctly that we may think we are calm at a time of crisis, but that can be a mistaken belief? That it is not true peace even though we (ego) interpret it as such?

Yes, any sense of calm that is based on control or judgment is pseudo peace, for Love knows not of manipulation or comparison. Love accepts. The ego rejects. Love judges not. The ego is the belief in judgment. The ego attempts to use judgment as a device to control a feeling of chaos, yet mastery through judgment is really an attempt at mastery through fear. Only mastery through Love brings authentic and lasting calm to the willing mind. The Holy Spirit's Perspective is a Perspective of non-judgment. The Holy Spirit knows the impossibility of the belief in duality and always reminds of the Unity and Oneness of Christ. May the Peace of Christ shower upon you and bless you infinitely.

Love & Blessings,

In an earlier post, you said, "Judgment is an ego device for ordering illusions to bring a sense of calm to what seems to be chaos.”

What you’re saying sounds so right, but I am not completely clear on pseudo calm. I can only refer to my own experience with what I perceive as calm. If I am in a state of panic, I can decide to change that experience by thought. To bring about change in a painful thought does seem to require a judgement first: I do not like the way I feel now; I can reject this thought and choose again. This seems like I am in control, and I have judged and I am "manipulating" my thoughts towards inviting peace in. This is interesting to me as I have always associated the word calmness with peace.

You can control the direction of your thinking. Choosing to align with the Holy Spirit or the ego is what this really means. The mind is in control of its state of mind always. The script is the past, and the past cannot be controlled—only forgiven or released. The past is literally gone.

A miracle is a decision made with the Holy Spirit to simply see the false as false. The Atonement is the final miracle which brings an end to choice entirely. Miracles are involuntary and Atonement, the final miracle, is the acceptance of the Correction (that the separation never happened).

The miracle offers true Calmness. The ego's version is the false calmness of attempting to rearrange or manipulate images to achieve a controlled sense of calm. This pseudo calm is always just a veil drawn over the deeper identity conflict.

Thanks for your willingness to take a close look at the subtleties of the mind. The direction (non-judgment) is clear and the Holy Spirit's Guidance is sure.

God Bless,