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If a teacher wants to end a Holy Relationship with a pupil, isn't that an egoic decision?

Two brothers enter into a teaching/learning situation in which one brother is clearly identified as the teacher and the other as the pupil. This encounter eventually becomes mutually identified as a "holy relationship."

The brother assuming the role of "teacher" eventually expresses a desire to end the encounter citing fear of intimacy, a major communication block, and some unspecified personal issues as the reasons. Isn't any attempt to end a holy relationship for reasons of fear an indication that the ego is involved?

If an advanced teacher of God had been consulted regarding this situation wouldn't that teacher encourage both brothers to stay in the holy relationship in accordance with the Divine Purpose that they had both committed to?

Thanks for your questions and willingness to look within. The teaching-learning situation you describe is a symbol for every encounter that you have, whether you just seem to "think" about the encounter or seem to be "actively" involved in the encounter through phone calls, letters, or person to person contact. All relationships of this world were made by the ego for specialness to support the make-believe self-concept. The goal of holiness or holy relationship is the goal for purity of thought, and this is the highest goal there can be with regard to your mind. As long as one thinks about specific relationships one will experience a feeling of incompletion, for the only real relationship exists in the Mind of God. God and Christ are in real Relationship. The Creator and Creation share an Eternal Dance of Joy! Agape Love is Abstract Divine Love, and Abstract Divine Love has no object. When the thought of bodies has entered, Purpose has been obscured from awareness. Communication is internal and but seems to be expressed through bodies while perception lingers and dreams seem to last.

All relationships are maximal and what seems to be the end of a specific relationship is not really an end. Each one has taught and unlearned as much ego interference as possible. Relationships were made by the ego to maintain a sense of specialness and uniqueness, yet they dissolve in Divine Purpose. Purpose shows a unified mind which unites perception and sees only wholeness. Holy relationship is synonymous with completion. If there was a sense of lack the relationship was not holy. Mind is continuous and all-inclusive, and Holiness recognizes this as true. Distorted perception sees relationships as specific or "between" specific persons. The holy relationship is the Perspective that sees there is only one mind and there is nothing "outside" of mind. There is no "beginning" or "ending" to this mind.

If continuing thoughts arise about the "ending" of a relationship it is well to look at the belief under those thoughts. It is impossible to perceive a broken relationship and be aware of the Holy Spirit's Purpose. What is "ended" except a thought, and what but the ego could sponsor the thought of a relationship being over? Mind continues regardless of the beliefs in beginnings and endings. You and your brother are together in Mind. Be comforted in this Fact.

Blessings of Love,