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Since we are already in a state of perfect being, why is there a need for grace or Atonement? Also, do we who study ACIM call ourselves Christian?

I was a fundamentalist for many years, then I lost that faith and went from one religious sect to another seeking enlightenment, talking to gurus and New Age groups. Then I heard you a couple of months ago over the internet. It was God's grace I found your site and I listened in awe at what came to me. It was a re-conversion [AWAKENING] to Christ Light.

Since we are in a state of perfect being and indeed always have been, then what is the need for Grace and atonement, and Grace in particular? I am still very young in the Course and am sure the answer is right in front of me, but perhaps you can steer me in the right perception. Also do we who study the Course call ourselves Christian? Are you a Christian?

Thanks for writing and sharing your journey—your [AWAKENING] to Christ Light. There are many paths in form, but the Content—Divine Love—remains Everlasting. Jesus has a way of coming back and coming back into awareness, leading the seeker to the experience of the Oneness of God's Love. I am grateful to witness to the conversion from darkness to Light.

Grace is the State Of Being that knows the Truth, that One need do nothing to Be as One already Is. It is the Gift of Creation, God creating Spirit as Eternally One. Atonement is the Answer—or Correction—offered to a mind asleep and dreaming of separation from God. Atonement is the one need of the sleeping mind that believes in the reality of the time-space cosmos. Atonement simply shows the false as false, for thus is the world and make-believe self forgiven. Atonement restores awareness to the ever-Present State of Grace.

You can call yourself whatever seems most Helpful at any given moment. This is a form of the Workbook Lesson: "I will step back and let Him lead the way." Let the Holy Spirit put the words in your mouth and you will always offer a blessing. When you desire to be truly Helpful, miracles occur naturally. Miracles are involuntary and should not be under conscious control. They simply flow from Love.

I am identified with God and unidentified with everything of this world. Therefore I stay aligned with the Spirit in the Now and completely unaffiliated with persons, places, things, groups, religions, countries, and concepts of time and space. Such is Happiness and Peace! I neither lead nor follow. I am. I rejoice in the Light with You Beloved of God! Light is our Home. All Glory to the One.