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How do I explain ACIM teachings to others?

I've been studying ACIM for a year, and your website "Awakening Mind" has totally transformed my "Mind." Thank you! I like it so much that I want my 3 teenagers to learn it too. My husband (their father) died 2 yrs ago of a bacterial infection, so I had them listen to one of the audios about healing your mind, not your body. Now they think I'm saying their Dad chose to get the infection and die. Can you please help me explain this to them?

Thank you so much for writing and for your willingness to share the Purpose and ideas that the Holy Spirit offers. Our happiness and joy demonstrate that there is indeed another Way of looking upon the world. This demonstration is the most helpful witness that can be offered. Words but serve as tools that can point to an experience, yet it is the experience ItSelf which truly teaches. Truth cannot be described or explained, only experienced. Our happiness and joy teach that there is no death and that life is a state of mind worth choosing. The peace of forgiveness offers a quiet and calm opening for everyone to question what they believe and what they have invested in. Forgiveness gently offers an alternative to the belief that life is of the body and to the belief that death and loss are real. How does one explain that this world is backwards and upside down? In a world that seems solid and real it is the Kingdom of Heaven that may seem to be a fantasy or a dream. The choice for Heaven is the simple choice to look upon the world without judgment and to allow the Holy Spirit to interpret it anew. And from this healed Perspective the Holy Spirit will offer words that inspire and bless and point beyond the body-based perspective of ego thinking.

There once was an apostle that was so inspired by Christ that all he could say, with a sparkle in his eyes and filled with the glee of the Spirit, was: "Come and see!" This is what he meant by these three words: "Experience the miracle!" The miracle of joy shows that death and pain and sickness must have been replaced for they have gone! The miracle has taken the place of the ego belief that separation from God is possible.

The ego was a "death wish,” a wish that Christ could leave the Mind of God and have a "life" apart from God's Divine Love. Sickness and death are the same illusion, a wrong-minded decision that proclaims that error could take the place of Life Eternal. Yet the Eternal cannot die or grow sick. The illusion of the body and world are a dream in which the impossible but seems to happen. In our transformation of mind is error brought to the Light within, and as perfect Love casts out fear so the Light of Love dispels error.

Your children are the opportunity to teach what you would learn. Teach only Love and experience only Love. All questions and doubt thoughts dissolve as they are brought to Light. Allow the questions to rise into awareness and pour forth. In allowing the questions to surface and taking the "lid" off of the subconscious, you are making way for the Answer to dawn in awareness. I rejoice with you and am with you all the way!

In Peace & Stillness,