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How does one study the Course AND stay in a marriage?

When one is married or in a relationship and starts to study the Course, you change. How does one study the Course and keep on in a marriage?

What you are raising is the question of union. Marriage in this world is an attempt to come to the experience of union. "A Course in Miracles" helps you discern between the true experience of union and the ego's make-believe union. The ego teaches: relationship or union is bodies together, minds apart. Maintain a sense of individuality yet be coupled as a union. The Holy Spirit teaches a different view of union: minds joined as one, bodies may come or go. The ego attempts to maintain a belief in privacy, where secrets are kept from husbands and wives. It is afraid of losing its individuality. Relationships therefore are best thought of as opportunities to unlearn the ego. The false sense of union will dissolve or fall apart. It is inevitable. It takes trust in all relationships to stay with the purpose of the Holy Spirit. The ego is appalled at the new purpose, so as you open to the Holy Spirit, sometimes it can seem like a very bumpy ride. You may be guided to stay in a relationship, to spend time being single, or perhaps guided into another relationship that will be another opportunity to unlearn the ego. Truly the only union that is real is the Christ mind, at one with God forever. This is union. This is what everyone longs for.

God has created us one with Himself. Only in Him we live, in His mind dwell. He calls to us, "My Child, awake, and seek no more the dreams of hate. My holy Son, My precious Christ, forever in My love abide."(From Resta's song, "We Can't Go Home Alone")