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What is the difference between Holy Spirit and Christ?

Could you please help me understand the difference between the Holy Spirit and The Christ? I see the Holy Spirit as the link, the bridge, between God and this world. However, I don't think I have really understood the Christ. What is the difference between the two?

The Christ is True Identity as Spirit, at One with God forevermore. The Christ is Abstract, Infinite, Eternal Love, a Creation of God. The Christ is the I Am Presence. The Thought "I am as God created Me" refers to the Christ, Whose Perfection and Innocence remain forever Pure in the Mind of God. Being Perfection, the Christ knows only Perfection, just as Love knows only ItSelf.

As you say, the Holy Spirit is indeed the bridge from this world to the remembrance of God. The remembrance of Christ is also the remembrance of God, for Creation and Creator share One Mind. The Holy Spirit seems to have a "dual function,” seeing error yet knowing it is not real AND remembering the Truth, Which has no "opposite." The first function is temporary and will not last. The second function is that the Holy Spirit's Reality for Truth is Eternal. The Holy Spirit, Christ, God, and Creation share the Oneness of Eternal Reality. In this world, the Holy Spirit seems to take the form of a Voice for God until the mind Awakens to Reality. All appearances are symbols used by the Holy Spirit to lead PAST appearances, to the Vision of Christ, Which is not perceptual. The Light of God is Communion with God, or Revelation. The Holy Spirit is the communication link to God for a mind that sleeps and dreams of the impossible. The Holy Spirit inspires Miracles, which are perceptual learning devices for collapsing time, and the Holy Spirit inspires Revelation, in which there is no time and a complete absence of fear. Miracles are the means and Revelation is the End. In Mind Awake miracles are purposeless, for there is no need of any kind in Perfect Oneness. That is why this is a journey without distance to a goal that has never changed.

The Workbook Lesson "God is in everything I see" is a reference to the Holy Spirit's Perspective of the world. This Perspective is the learning goal, the forgiven world, above which learning cannot go. Yet the Vision of Christ is neither taught nor learned, for Vision simply Is. By removing the seeming obstacles to the awareness of Love's Presence, the sleeping mind is made ready to remember the Truth of Being the Christ.

"God speaks to me all through the day" is a reference to the Holy Spirit. God is Pure Abstract Love, as is the Christ. In Reality God and Christ Commune as One Being, and there are no words necessary in Eternal Communion. Yet though words were made to separate, the Holy Spirit uses them to bring the sleeping mind back to the experience of complete forgiveness. Words therefore will not last, yet they shall be used a little while longer. Rejoice in the Meaning to which they point! You are the One. Christ is Thy Self.

Blessings of Love,