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Is it wrong to pray for specifics; i.e. praying to win an art contest?

Unfortunately, I have not read “A Course of Miracles.” I am too young. But I have been told a great deal. My mind can't quite grasp the idea, but a part of me believes. I do have a burning question for you. I find each day I believe the idea more and more, but also I fear I am pushing myself away. I found myself wanting to win an art contest. The winner would receive a great sum of money to purchase their products. Is asking Christ to fulfill these ideas wrong, and by doing this will I never wake up from what you may call the dream? Am I too young to believe?

No one is ever too old or too young for the miracles that Christ inspires and performs through those that are willing to behold them. God sees our Eternal Beauty and Innocence, and our Holy Spirit Guides the Awakening mind gently and surely. While the belief in lack persists, the prayers of the heart will include asking for specifics, such as asking to win an art contest. This is surely acceptable, for until the belief in need has been completely undone it is impossible to pray without asking for specifics. Just remember to include after the request "...if it be Thy Will." Then remember that under the Holy Spirit's Purpose, any outcome will include "gain" for everyone and "loss" for no one. By believing in miracles and allowing them to come through you, the belief in lack is dissolved, and thus the perfection and completion and wholeness God Gives Eternally returns to awareness.

As miracles become more and more natural, you will expect to see their witnesses everywhere. You will see that you have become a miracle worker, and recognize this by the calmness and tranquility you feel within. Christ performs miracles through you as you are willing to trust, and this readiness has nothing to do with worldly maturity or education or training. Miracles can only come through in the absence of fear, and as you become confident in the Holy Spirit's gentle Guidance you will be ready and willing to accept our true function of healing the mind. It is really a matter of trusting the Holy Spirit as to the "how," and offering only a little willingness to let the miracles come through. Your sincerity is all-important, and the fear of pushing yourself away from miracles is the ego's fear of being undone. By following the Holy Spirit's inner prompts you will see that miracles are your natural function, and the fear of Awakening will fade and disappear.

Your state of mind will be increasingly peaceful as the attempts at judgment are seen as impossible. Trust in God and non-judgment go together and cannot be found apart. Miracles bring a sense of detachment from worldly outcomes and goals and expectations. Miracles thus offer a sense of contentment and ease, for they reflect our Creative State of Mind in God. Miracles always involve the recognition of acceptance and the release of the belief in rejection. Miracles include everyone and everything and bring healing to the mind that perceived broken pieces. I rejoice with you, for miracles are a natural way of looking upon the world through a peaceful gaze!

Christ will fill our hearts by first offering happy dreams of non-judgment in which everyone and everything are included. The art of allowing, accepting, and beholding is the art of the heart. These are natural for you, for they come from the Christ within. Whatever is helpful in our function of miracle-working is Given effortlessly by the One Who inspires miracles. Isn't that wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to write and share what is on your mind. You are a Child of Destiny and are truly Loved.

In Peace,