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How can I surrender COMPLETELY and let all my practical concerns (debt, renewal of green card, etc..) be handled for me?

Before ACIM I could only comprehend the idea that none could think for me, none could feel for me, none could be for me, none could believe for me, everything was then "from me." I was always "on the go," depressed, anxious, I lacked space, I had no time, I had nothing; so fear, pressure and uncertainty were everywhere and my life came close to chaos.

But the depression I lived for almost two years had practical consequences, I have tons of bills to pay and I'm about to lose my job in two months as I forgot to renew my green card, this will take one year to be resolved. I can't hide these fears and run away. I have much more peace and contentment but I still smoke, and I have all these practical concerns and must do's.

How can I surrender c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y?

I know the answer is the Holy Spirit, surrendering to Him is receiving His guidance, His care, His answers, and His peace, His love, for He is within, thus everywhere. Can you offer me some divine inspiration? Communicate with me helping me with my surrender to Him at this moment.

Thanks for your devotion and willingness to move in the direction of complete surrender to God's Divine Will, Which is Our Own in Christ. The prayer of your heart, the deepest desire within, has carried you to the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. With each miracle your trust and confidence in the Comforter grows. With each miracle the mind moves inward towards Certainty, towards Realization, towards Recognition. You are the Living One, and the Holy Spirit will handle all the seeming details of Awakening if you will give your worries and concerns over and leave them unprotected. Without protection concerns and worries are immediately dissolved, and it matters not if they seem to be about finances or sickness or the renewal of a green card. Has the lack of money ever prevented you from miracles and insights and revelations? The Holy Spirit has been Guiding you every step of the way, even during the times when you were unaware. Now you will truly Shine, for your skills and gifts are being given over to the Comforter Who knows your best interests in every seeming situation. The Comforter knows how best to reflect God's Love, using the symbols the ego made to lead the mind to the Healed Perspective.

I have a friend who smokes. When she traveled with me for a series of gatherings, the Holy Spirit used the smoking as a backdrop for joining. She had joyful encounters with brothers and sisters all along the way who would gather together with her, light up their cigarettes, and then relax and Lighten up. One could hear their joy and laughter. The miracle restores the mind to wholeness, and things that once seemed to be addictions fade and fade from awareness as Love returns to awareness. Let the Holy Spirit Guide the way.

You are fully capable of being in your holy function, wherever the location seems to be. If you seem to be in New York, allow this setting to be the backdrop for many holy encounters. If you seem to be back in Brazil or in any country it will be the same. While you believe in time and space, be Comforted with this: you cannot but be in the right place at the right time. A slightly shorter version is this: trust would settle every problem now.

I am joined with you in the Holy Spirit's Purpose. No one can fail who seeks to reach the Truth.

Blessings of Love Shower upon You Always,