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Is it true that I should never give advice unless asked, even if I think I know what someone else needs to hear?

I have been one to always get enthused with truth teachings. I would read something inspiring and right away think, “so-and-so needs to hear this. They have a problem and this will help them.” Now I read something you write and ego says, “so-and-so needs to hear this” and I send it. But I am feeling now that these lessons are for self only, and to be shared only if asked. What are your thoughts on this?

One other question. I have numbness in my legs and have tried chiropractors and herbs etc., everything but doctors. I read about “there is no body,” but how do we release symptoms? Thank you so much for being there. I don't know of anyone else to ask these type of questions.

As you are willing to be helpful and are open to having Help come through you, it becomes apparent that whatever is shared is always one's own lesson. The Holy Spirit offers ideas that are helpful and always gently reminds the mind: "It is your lesson." Miracles are involuntary, and if you find that you are trying to direct where they are offered, the ego is misdirecting the effort. The Holy Spirit never seeks to fix or change anybody—only to accept our brothers and sisters exactly as they are (Spirit). This is because mind is unified and every apparent brother and sister is the same opportunity to forgive the illusion and recognize the Self. One is not a brother's keeper, one is unified in everything one perceives. As you see him you see yourself; as you treat him you treat yourself; as you think of him you think of yourself. This applies equally to the body you think of as your own. The ego mind tries to numb the pain of the belief in separation by projecting this numbness to the body. As you forgive the insane belief in separation from God the body is used as a neutral instrument, for there is no attempt to project or reject or get rid of anything. Mind is healed as it accepts forgiveness and sees the impossibility of attack. Mind is unified and cannot attack or be attacked.

Remember this simple thought: I am not a body and my mind cannot attack, so I cannot be sick.