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I'm wanting to pray for a friend in the hospital, but I'm confused about how to do this properly.

I am not so good at recognizing the difference between the real world and the one I see. I just received a call that a very dear friend of mine was seriously injured in a car accident last night...he is my kindred spirit in many ways...a man who is full of life and love and who has so much to give to this world. He has suffered severe brain damage and is in a coma in ICU in an Ottawa hospital. His prognosis is unknown right now.

I want to help, but a part of me says, well so what, why bother, I too am an illusion. How does one hear the Spirit's answer in this confusion?

The reason there is no order of difficulty in miracles is because there is no hierarchy of illusions. Confusion arises from the belief that illusions are multiple, or said another way, from the belief that there is more than one illusion. The only illusion is the belief in separation from God. That is what makes awakening so simple: one problem, one solution. But the solution cannot be accepted until the problem is recognized as where and what it is. The problem is of the mind, and nowhere else. The problem is a belief, and nothing else. The problem is a perceptual problem of seeing through a "darkened glass,” of perceiving fragments instead of the whole, of perceiving parts instead of the one, and of perceiving levels when in fact there are none. Illusions are one, and this awareness is the healed perspective. The belief that the false, which is what illusion is, can be divided or multiplied is the same illusion. False is false.

1 X 0=0 2 X 0=0 1, 000, 000, 000 X 0=0

It matters not what 0 is multiplied by, the result is always 0. Nothing cannot be multiplied.

Spirit is no illusion. Spirit is real. Therefore, the "I Am" presence, the identity as Christ, is real. It is not discouraging or depressing or frustrating to calmly look on the false from the perspective of forgiveness, for who I am is Spirit and is vast and far beyond a world of imagination. God did not create pain or pleasure. God did not create birth or death. God did not create the body, nor bodily sickness/health. God did not create the perceived world of time/space, of duality and multiplicity. God creates in Spirit, and the child of God (The Christ Mind, the Divine Mind) is Spirit. Spirit creates like unto itself. Spirit is perfect and eternal and is simply what is. What is can seem to be obscured from awareness, though what is remains constant and changelessly itself.

Confusion ends with the simple acceptance of the truth of identity. There can be no compromise in this acceptance, only certainty. Only the Holy Spirit can make a clear distinction between the true and false. This surrender to the Holy Spirit's perspective is the acceptance of Atonement, a complete willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to "decide for God for me." And with this acceptance is the belief in a separate "me" gone forever. With this acceptance is the bliss of decision less, desire less being: a state of pristine silence within the heart of God.

Beloved One, we are worthy of love because God created us in love and as love. We are in the likeness of a loving Creator, and it is arrogant to "believe" otherwise. We pray always to accept the very truth of our being. We pray to see that love cannot have an opposite. And in the experience of love, our prayer is the never ending song of gratitude in which Creation is recognized as One.

There are no confusions or problems that do not instantly dissolve in the presence of love. Thank You God!!! We are yours in truth, and nothing can change your eternal love. Amen.

Love & Blessings,