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Can you clarify ACIM Chapters 27 - 29 where it refers to "your brothers dream of sickness", and the "gap"?

The Course says everything outside of us, the entire cosmos, is a dream we made. Then ACIM says to forgive your brother by not accepting his dream. If your brother appears to be in your dream then he is an illusion. So forgiving your brother who appears to be attacking you is the same as forgiving yourself, because you still perceive "attack" outside of you which means that the "fear" or "gap" is still there within. Is that a correct interpretation of ACIM?

The gap of time-space is all that needs be overlooked or forgiven. This was a gap believed to be between Cause (God) and Effect (Christ). Yet as Jesus said, I and the Father are One. There is no gap in what is an Eternal, Real Relationship of Pure Spirit. The illusory gap of separation seemed to project a script of bodies, each going their own separate ways. In sleep, "minds" seem walled off by flesh, alone and isolated. Forgiveness recognizes mind as one, and therefore overlooks the belief in private minds and private thoughts. Sickness is literally an impossible thought because it has no "source" and cannot be shared. Only the Mind of God can BE shared, for such is Creation.

Forgiveness opens the door to Self-realization, for forgiveness sees that there is nothing "outside" of mind. Mind reaches to itself, it does not go out. It encompasses you entirely. Within itself is everything, you within it and it within you. There is nothing else anywhere or ever. True empathy means sharing or extending only what is true, for only Truth can BE shared. False empathy is the erroneous attempt to share a concept that God did not create. God did not create the concept of sickness and so it cannot be shared. There is only one dreamer and this is why you are asked to join the dreamer and not the dream. The dream of bodies cannot be joined, and bodies do not join. The body was made as a concrete symbol of separation, yet given to the Holy Spirit it serves solely as a means or symbol of communication. In Enlightenment, the recognition of the Pure Oneness of Mind, the body has no Purpose because it has no existence. At no single instant does the body exist at all. The body is always remembered or anticipated but never Present. This means that the body is an illusory time-based concept.

Illusions are one and so forgiveness lets them all go together. This has been stated many ways (for example there is only one problem that is already solved). No hierarchy of illusions. No order of difficulty in miracles. Atonement is complete forgiveness. It sees that the separation from God never happened. Forgiveness is Still and quietly does nothing. It simply looks and waits and judges not. Such is healing. Such is mind at rest.

Blessings of Love,