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When Jesus saw they were disposed to stay up all night to ask questions, he said to them''.My brethren, you are earthen vessels; it is best for you to go to your rest so as to be ready for the morrow's work'' But sleep had departed from their eyes. Peter ventured to request of his Master that ''I have just a little private talk with you. Not that I would have secrets from my brethren, but I have a troubled spirit, and if, perchance, I should deserve a rebuke from my Master, I could the better endure it alone with you''. And Jesus said, ''Come with me, Peter.'' leading the way into the house. When Peter returned from the presence of his Master much cheered and greatly encouraged, James decided to go in to talk with Jesus. And so on through the early hours of the morning, the other apostles went in one by one to talk with the Master. When they had all held personal conferences with him save the twins, who had fallen asleep, Andrew went in to Jesus and said: ''Master, the twins have fallen asleep in the garden by the fire; shall I arouse them to inquire if they would also talk with you'' And Jesus smilingly said to Andrew, ''They do well - trouble them not.‖ And now the night was passing; the light of another day was dawning.