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I get angry at people for no reason. Please help.

This morning I woke up and it seemed all Light was gone. I was not awake and in the Light. A half hour ago I flipped out on my husband for no good reason. I seem to have lost myself. Most of the time now, I am free, but I still go through times where I lose it all again to the ego. Can you tell me how to hold on to the Light?

You are in my thoughts and prayers. You have done nothing wrong, and the darkness is arising in consciousness that it may be released forever. The Light is pushing everything unlike ItSelf up into awareness. It will seem more and more as if there is no specific referent or external cause for the anger, for it is all self-hatred. This is the way it works. The full extent of self-hatred must be looked upon and exposed before it can be released entirely. Be glad that what had been submerged and repressed is given permission to resurface for release. You are doing nothing to cause the darkness—it is just time for it to come up because of your willingness not to protect or hide the darkness any longer. The temptation to project can seem intense at times, yet remember that nothing is ever held against your Perfect Innocence and the form just seems to look the way it seems to look. Call me if you want to talk and know that I am always joined with you in seeing beyond the darkness.

Love & Blessings,