There is a thirst for completion in special relationships, but it cannot be found in bodies, so love turns to hate. Most of the dialogue in these relationships is internal questioning, calling for love.
The true wonder is the relationship with God, which we experience when we cease looking for it in specialness and specifics. The Holy Spirit reminds us that life is a dream and to free ourself by turning our attention to the purpose God has for us in his plan for salvation. This is the only way we can have true happiness in this world.

Movies are an excellent way to watch your mind, to pay attention to your emotions, and to help you discover your unconscious beliefs.
Go here for more info about Movie Watching as A Spiritual Practice. You will find tips, tools and links to movies to go deeper in your journey.

About the author

David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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