Though pushed out of awareness, the belief we have separated from God has us feeling fearful of the power of our mind. There is a deep belief that we will again misuse our mind's power, so there is often a temptation to dumb down, play it safe and to go along with the crowd rather than step into our magnitude.
Thelma has been raised in a strict Christian household. She has developed an unhealthy dependency on her parents and a deep belief that there is something inherently evil within her. As she enters university, she begins to experiment with alcohol and cigarettes, socialize more and she meets and falls in love with a woman. These desires produce intense conflict in her mind as at some level she knows her decisions will not be approved of by her parents.
This movie can inspire us on the spiritual journey as we must all reclaim the power of the mind and face whatever fears are lurking there. The world reflects the split in the mind and, when discomfort is experienced, it is only intended to bring the need for correction into the mind's awareness. 
All the support in Heaven goes towards the mind that wants to heal and one need only pray for help when ready for that shift in perception, the miracle. As Thelma embraces the power of mind, she has only gratitude for the ones sent to her to help her to wake up.
The end of this movie is a powerful reminder of what it can look like when fears are faced and the healing power of the mind is allowed to do its job. We have all been given glorious gifts to share and it is only in sharing them that we can know ourselves as perfectly loving creations of God.

About the author

David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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