This movie can be viewed through the lens of “all the world’s a stage.” When it is seen that the world is a stage the path of true forgiveness can dawn on the mind. Forgiveness is nothing more than seeing the false as false and therefore not taking any of the persons, events, and situations seriously. How light and humorous is a world of actors at play in a play. How defenseless and fearless is such a perspective of the world. Nothing is taken personally when all situations are viewed as play-acting. There is nothing to fear when the world is seen as merely a theater of actors, actions, and events.
In a different movie called, "The Game," the main character is unaware that everything is all a game of actors and seems to take “the bait.” In "The Truman Show" the main character becomes suspicious of the world which seems to surround him and then, with great determination, arrives at a point of decision and realizes it is the point of escape. In "The Man Who Knew Too Little" the main character is an example of an ongoing experience of this beyond-all-fear perspective, which is continuously available and accessible. The script is already written. The joy is in the perspective you view it from.

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