Metaphysical for, "It's impossible to change the script." The temptation of linear time is the belief that things would be better off if they were different. The problem of attempting to redo the past is that such attempts obscure the realization that the past is over and gone. Changing one aspect of the script seems to change many other aspects, though in each attempt a whole perception that includes all situations is still lacking. Healing is seeing that all the scripts of the world are the same and therefore cannot be changed, and this awareness is the forgiven world. Change your mind by accepting the changelessness of Mind, thus ending the loop of trying to make the world a better place or trying to save one special person. Only the mind needs salvation and it is only saved through peace, and this does not require that the script be rearranged but only seen differently in the simultaneity of forgiveness.

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Lilo Aurora

I am devoted to practicing forgiveness and discovering the spark in my heart. I am also a Spiri lover and a member of the Take Me Home documentary team.


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