This Korean movie is a wonderful tool to help teach us the value of what "A Course in Miracles" (ACIM) refers to as valuing content (love) over form.

Woo-jin is a young man who wakes up every morning with an entirely different face and body. One day he has the appearance of an old man, the next day an old woman, then a child, a foreigner, someone slim, or someone of solid stature. One day his eyesight is good the next day he may require glasses to function and move around. It has been this way for him since he was an 18 year old.

Through his carpentry work he meets and falls in love with E-soo. Though she doesn't realize at first that all of these different faces are Woo-jin, his heart opens to her because "she always treats me the same." Once Woo-jin's secret is revealed to her (prior to this only his mother and best friend know the truth), they begin to have many opportunities to deepen into true love; a love beyond form.

Could you fall in love with someone whose body, age, sex, and nationality can change everyday? ACIM reminds us that we can, and it teaches us to open our minds to love; to ask for help beyond our special, exclusive ways of loving, and to embrace a love that includes everyone and everything.

This is a true love story about learning to love beyond form, and experience consistent, changeless love that is our birthright. It is the only way we will ever really know ourselves as love because any other love is a love unlike God's love. He loves us all with an equal and unconditional love. All of our relationships give us opportunities to heal our beliefs around love and open to loving as God loves.

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