Spirit is always waiting at the slightest invitation to swoop in and support our efforts to heal. Jack Giamoro is unhappy with his life and follows a prompt to enroll in an evening creative writing class. Jack’s assignment is to keep a daily journal, which enables him to look at and question his thoughts, and to take responsibility for his state of mind.
Spirit comes to us in many forms. Each step we take on the inward journey is heavily reinforced. We are given support in a form that we can trust and which will allow us to open up and look at the deeper recesses in our mind. The ego resistance to going deeper may show up as others who question what we are doing or as threats for exposing private thoughts.
On this journey, we are often asked to make changes as we mature spiritually. These shifts may require us to let go of certain self concepts, careers, friendships, or habits that we have outgrown. The more we trust and simply allow this process to unfold, the less we struggle in daily life. Spirit knows what is best for us and the more we are able to follow His plan, the happier and more peaceful we become.


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