This is a powerful movie that has every scene maximized for healing. All thoughts are expressed and hidden secrets exposed, which leads to healing for all concerned. People-pleasing and fear of intimacy go hand in hand. When we choose one, we get the other. A scared office worker, in love with her co-worker, fails to open up her heart due to the fear of leaving the perceived “safety” of her family obligations. Many different stories collide in this romantic comedy. The airport scene at the end pulls us back to see all these stories as the past and “on the screen.” The happy dreamer gives no special importance to any specific relationship, but allows the Spirit to use them all maximally. It is not concerned with status or rank as the world judges. Every relationship can be used by the Spirit as they all give us the possibility to remember who we are.

Movies are an excellent way to watch your mind, to pay attention to your emotions, and to help you discover your unconscious beliefs.
Go here for more info about Movie Watching as A Spiritual Practice. You will find tips, tools and links to movies to go deeper in your journey.

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David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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