Who we are is far beyond the limitations of a body. Until limiting roles and specialness are released, mystical experiences are intermittent and the contrasting experience of attempting to live in two worlds becomes literally intolerable.
When the mind is no longer willing to compromise, a unified purpose becomes possible and life can become a consistent opportunity to extend love and truth. The purpose of the body is communication. Sickness of the body is a reflection of limits being put on communication.
Bill is employed as a high school teacher but his wife, Helen, is the true teacher. To teach is to demonstrate and inspire. Memorizing "facts" is not learning at all. Learning is experience and true learning is the opening of the heart and the mind towards higher potential and spiritual awareness. While playing the role of husband and teacher, Bill is no happier than Helen is, attempting to limit herself to the role of housewife and mother.
Helen has a desire to teach. She feels limited by the confines of a body affected by multiple sclerosis, and when she is told by her husband that she is not allowed to teach she finds her escape from limitations through astral projection. Her spiritual experiences are so expansive that returning to "life" in the world becomes less and less attractive to her. Compromise is death, and living a life of compromise is not living at all. When you give yourself over completely to spiritual experience, the body is no longer your reference point and it cannot possibly limit you. Instead, it becomes a communication device for Spirit. Love does not possess, nor is it proud.
Love is the true healer. To love is to set free.

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David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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