Nothing in this world will satisfy you. When you forget this and pursue things in the world, the result is always the same. There can seem to be a temporary satisfaction, but the end result is always pain, guilt, and death. This world is not your home and so it can never give you what you want deep in your heart.
The movie uses the symbol of angels to show the presence of God’s love. The deep metaphysical idea that the script is written is beautifully depicted. When we know that the script is written and everything is literally going to play out the way it will play out, then all our fighting and struggling give way to love. We can relax and surrender to the One who knows.
One angel, Seth, entertains the “tiny, mad idea.” He longs to experience love through a body and chooses to become human, giving up his life as an angel. We have all made this error. Fortunately it has had no effect on our reality. Special love cannot replace the love of the Father for the Son.
This film helps to uncover hidden beliefs you may have relating to lack and the desire for special love. Allow these ideas to be raised up, looked at, and released. It truly is time to laugh at the insanity of the human condition, which offers you nothing. The only thing that will ever satisfy you is the experience of your true identity: the perfectly innocent child of God.

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Lilo Aurora

I am devoted to practicing forgiveness and discovering the spark in my heart. I am also a Spiri lover and a member of the Take Me Home documentary team.


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