A fantastic 'contrast' movie to be shown how deluded the sleeping mind is - believing in and seeming to play out misuse of the mind's power. What of this world is real? What can be believed? What is true, if it is all perceptual, stemming from a split mind that believes it has separated from its Source, and is now running... hiding... trying to solve the conflict, and heal the world “out there”. The sleeping mind has forgotten; no longer knowing what love is... and this delusional state just keeps spinning... until truth dawns once again. The Presence of God's Love is real. The Peace of God is real. Witnesses to our innocence, witnesses of forgiveness, remind us of what is real. The Holy Spirit is an invitation, ever inviting us to come when we are ready... ever in gratitude of when we accept this invitation, to let all else go and be here, now. Our true purpose is forgiveness, and our function is stabilizing for our mind. It involves a steady development of trust in the Spirit as our Guide. In the Presence of the Love of God there is no chaos, or conflict. There is no confusion, running or hiding. All is clear, all is well. Illusions are no longer given the power to draw our mind away from what we truly desire.

"Whatever your reactions to the Holy Spirit's Voice may be, whatever voice you choose to listen to, whatever strange thoughts may occur to you, God's Will is done. You will find the peace in which He has established you, because He does not change His Mind. He is invariable as the peace in which you dwell, and of which the Holy Spirit reminds you.

You will not remember change and shift in Heaven. You have need of contrast only here. Contrast and differences are necessary teaching aids, for by them you learn what to avoid and what to seek. When you have learned this, you will find the answer that makes the need for any differences disappear. Truth comes of its own will unto its own. When you have learned that you belong to truth, it will flow lightly over you without a difference of any kind. For you will need no contrast to help you realize that this is what you want, and only this. Fear not the Holy Spirit will fail in what your Father has given Him to do. The Will of God can fail in nothing." ACIM T-13.XI.

Recommended Course reading to accompany watching this film: A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 54 I have no neutral thoughts. I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing. I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts. I am determined to see.

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