Season 4, Episode 1 "The issue of authority is really a question of authorship. When you have an authority problem, it is always because you believe you are the author of yourself and project your delusion on to others. You then perceive the situation as one in which others are literally fighting you for your authorship. This is the fundamental error of all those who believe they have taken the power of God." ACIM T-3.VI.8

This episode has the authority problem as its central theme. The main character, Robert Daly, is a virtual reality programmer who has invented a space series. He sees himself as a victim of everyone at his workplace where he is meek and weak and doesn't know how to communicate. But in his space game fantasy, he places himself as the captain supreme where he rules over all the characters from his working life.

There are authority issues playing out in both his work and fantasy environment. This is no different from human beings who see themselves as trapped during the day by their circumstances, which may include a sense of being emotionally or financially trapped, or perhaps having a boss or a partner who is overbearing. At night they may give themselves permission to escape in dreams of fantasy. This is a good example of overcompensating for a feeling of being trapped in your “waking live,” and then having freedom of the body dreams in sleep, such as flying. But this doesn't get you home to Heaven. You can't go from an illusion of imprisonment into an illusion of freedom because you really haven't gone anywhere; you still are trapped in the dream and not awakening. The authority problem is the belief that you can take on a flesh self, a self concept that God didn't create, and then believe you’ve usurped the power of God.

You may relate to these characters if there is still some imprisonment going on in your perception. You may find yourselves cheering on the characters in this episode as they seek to escape. Their desire for freedom may strike a deep chord within your heart. Though we may have different levels of readiness for awakening, we all share the same desire in our hearts: to resurrect our mind and transcend the authority problem, as was so powerfully demonstrated as possible by Jesus during his short time on earth.

The version of this episode with commentary on MWGE has an alternate ending.

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