What Is Mystical Community?

Possession is a core concept.

Using short video clips, David Hoffmeister shares thoughts on mystical community as purely a state of mind; a community without walls, unstructured, and with no concern of the location or how many people are involved. The practicalities are taken care of naturally in this open, Spirit-focused state of mind, which is everything! The concept of ownership does not belong here. Explore the contracts of conduct and the reciprocity implied in holding on to a personal identity. Shared agreements can be a helpful stepping stone but not an alternative to trust. By learning to trust the laws of God, you develop a faith and a certainty in Spirit that lifts you out of the laws of the world.

Golden Nugget:
“Possession is a core concept. We need to take this so deep that we are not just stopping at ownership of a house or a car. Let’s bring in relationships. We should be able to talk ‘relationships’ on one hand and ‘ownership of a house or car’ on the other. Is relationship a contract? Do you experience a relationship as a contract? If we look at marriage, and through all the different cultures throughout history, can we have a marriage that has transcended contracts? When there is a contract aren’t there always expectations? Has anyone entered into a contract without expectations? Can you have a life without a contract? You would have to have a lot of trust to a live a life without a contract! Now we are getting down to it! Contracts seem like the problem! It’s actually very deep! This is why we call it mystical community!”


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