What Does It Mean to Be Humble?

“The secret of true prayer is to forget the things you think you need.”

As you are willing to hear and follow the guidance of the Spirit instead of trusting in the ego’s plan for your life, "What Does It Mean to Be Humble" you begin to come into an experience of real humbleness. David talks about The Song of Prayer in A Course in Miracles, reminding you that, “The secret of true prayer is to forget the things you think you need.” S-1.I.4:1 Hence, “Father, what is Your Will for me?” is a pure reflection of true humility and true prayer.

Golden Nugget:
“At one point when Helen Schucman, the scribe of the A course in miracles, was pretty high in resistance, Jesus told her, ‘A good scribe must be under Christ-control.’ Interesting instruction. A good scribe must be under Christ-control. Interesting use of the word ‘control.’ In that sense, it is actually meaning ‘alignment.’ Like total receptivity, willingness; very different from the way the word is usually used in this world. And so I think that that turns into your inner pathway to humbleness. You start to realize that as you seem to go through your day, you have this sense that you want to be used in the most positive, most helpful way. In one sense it is very much like the St. Francis prayer, ‘Lord make me an instrument.’ It is really saying to let the vessel, let the body be used under Christ-control. You can fill in ‘a good scribe’ with whatever you think your life is. Mother, father, sister, brother, your occupation, or citizenship, or however you seem to identify yourself in this world; even as a human being. A good human being must be under Christ-control. That is your lead into what I would say is pure goodness. Not goodness of the personality self, but goodness of the Essence that you Truly Are.”

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