Undoing Roles

You are not here to take on a spiritual role.

The Holy Spirit guides you through roles the ego made to unwind you from them. When you are playing a role "Undoing Roles" (mother, teacher, boyfriend, etc.), you want control as a “doer.” As you follow Spirit’s guidance, you allow the grip of control to loosen, and move from doing into being. You are not here to take on a spiritual role. Instead, all roles are concepts in the mind to be undone with the Spirit. David Hoffmeister

Golden Nugget:
“Actually, if you go much deeper with the Course, you will always find out that the classroom is the mind—and nothing but the mind. There are no form classrooms. If you use that, you are just going to get stuck in the projection and thinking that something external is actually your classroom. But ‘Consciousness is correctly identified as the domain of the ego.’ T-3.IV.2:2 And everything is a question of mind. So, even when you have these seemingly difficult decisions like, 'I just met my soulmate. Should I leave my long term partner to go in a relationship with my soulmate? This may be my window, my chance.' Always, the mind is the classroom. You’re always dealing with the specialness in the mind. It is never really a struggle between this person and that person; or, to take this job or that job; or, to go to this place or that place. It’s never the form where the struggle is occurring. A course in miracles

The specialness is in the mind. It’s in trying to serve the ego that torment comes in; never between the options in the world. That’s a projection of the torment. So, every time you think you’ve got a tough decision in this world based on, 'Do I do this or that? Do I take this road or that road?', we go much deeper and we start to see that the only solution is going to come in the mind.”

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