The Straight and Narrow Path—Non-Judgment

Prepare for the undoing of what never was; take it easy and learn to laugh.

A Course in Miracles is about making your mind ready for revelation which comes from Spirit to Spirit. Everything in this world aims at the experience that the past is over and can touch you not. This world is only an experience of your mind, and is not apart from it. If you see magnificence in the world, you’re simply coming into the experience of your own magnificence. History and studying this world is really much ado about nothing and your daily experience can always be of happiness, joy, and welcoming.
“The holiest spot on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.” T-26.IX.6:1 (ACIM) Prepare for the undoing of what never was; take it easy and learn to laugh. In the end, it takes Jesus to reveal the meaning of forgiveness and the real world to you and there is nothing you must do.

Golden Nugget:
“The Course really isn’t advocating us to become spiritual people. It is saying, 'you are the living Christ! You are pure Spirit and you will be content with nothing less than knowing your true Identity.' I have used the Course for years and done a lot of teachings on it but the thing I like the best about the Course is that it was written as if there are two parts to the mind; not ten, or twenty, or a hundred. The Course was written as if there are two parts; and that there is one part that is the reflection of reality, and one part that is error and fear.
The whole Course is aimed at teaching us discernment between the correction and the error so we can realize that the error holds no attraction to us and accept the correction. That is really basic and simple. I would say that a lot that seems to pass as ‘spirituality’ in this world involves a lot of complexity. And I certainly studied a lot of that. I don’t know about you, but when I studied a lot of eastern philosophies and they said there are seven chakras I thought, 'oh that is pretty complicated. I am willing to go for two, and then one, but seven?' And the different realms and ethereal bodies and angels and archangels and then on and on about this idea that there is a doorway to enlightenment and semi-enlightenment. It is like, 'whoah, whoah whoah, this is too complicated for me!' But that is where the simplicity comes in; where the feeling in your heart is to let it go, let it all go. And there is something wonderful about that feeling; just let it go, let it all go. We don’t have to figure anything out. It was the impossibility of trying to figure anything out that was the problem. When we surrender, when we let go, we see, 'no, I’m not going to try to figure out the world.' At one point, Jesus says that the world is an impossible situation. So why would you try to use your mind to try to figure out an impossible situation? It will seem to go against all the conditioning, but remember, all the conditioning was the ego! So, of course, it’s going to go the opposite or beyond the ego.”


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