The One Cure for Separation

How simple is salvation!

How simple is salvation! All it says is what was never true is not true now, and never will be. "The One Cure for Separation" The impossible has not occurred and can have no effects. And that is all. Can this be hard to learn by anyone who wants it to be true? Only unwillingness to learn it could make such an easy lesson difficult. "How hard is it to see that what is false can not be true, and what is true can not be false? You can no longer say that you perceive no differences in false and true. You have been told exactly how to tell one from the other, and just what to do if you become confused. Why, then, do you persist in learning not such simple things?" T-31.I.1  Living Miracles Center

Golden Nugget:
“There is only one cure for the separation from God and that is Enlightenment or Self-realization. This dream is all about identifying with the doer, identifying with the body. To wake up from the dream, you systematically train the mind to disidentify with the body. When someone says something to you that seems to be an insult, it is only an insult because you’re identified with the body. If you were identified with the Spirit, they could call you names, punch you in the face, or crucify you, and it wouldn’t matter at all, because you are the I-Am Presence. So, it is important to allow all your feelings to rise up to the surface of consciousness. In that sense, pain and suffering need to come up into awareness to be released, because this whole world is based on denial and repression.”

Hello dear viewer: "The One Cure for Separation" is discussed in full detail in this audio. If you play this audio, you will know more about "The One Cure for Separation" and your experience will increase after playing this audio. So please play the audio at least once. We believe you will benefit greatly. Are You Hiding behind the Cosmic Fig Leaf?


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