The End of Compromise

Your function does not include making up your own identity!

In taking on a “human identity” you compromise the truth of who you are and frustration is sure to follow "The End of Compromise". David Hoffmeister shares that this journey is leading you to the end of all compromise when you answer the Call to go Home and say in your heart, “I will not compromise with the Light.” You are created to extend who you are: Love. Your function does not include making up your own identity! Things and people will seem to fall away as you make the decision to follow your heart, but the Spirit will be able to provide everything you need when you refuse to compromise with the truth in any way.

Golden Nugget:
“When you see that you cannot compromise your heart anymore, it isn’t going to be any problem. The Holy Spirit will give you everything you need and renew it while you have need of it. But the Holy Spirit would not have you linger in time! Jesus says, “I am calling you out of the world.” Really he is calling us into a state of mind where we cannot compromise anymore. On the spiritual journey, there will be many times when you have to follow your heart and move on, because you have so many gifts to offer. “You are the light of the world.” W-61 And that light cannot be hidden! I have discovered that everything I need is given me so easily when I refuse to compromise with the truth. It’s really almost like a fairy tale; one final happy story in which there is no need to compromise in any way. You don’t have to hesitate with your answers; you don’t have to make a deal or try and stay and work something out. Your happiness and joy are the teacher.”

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