Taking Control of Your Mind

Taking Control of Your State of Mind. Controlling the Direction of Your Thinking


Taking Control of Your Thoughts


David Hoffmeister shares about exactly what it takes to authentically bring the darkness to the light. With purpose out front and actively asking for healing opportunities, you can heal and you can have that healing be quick! Taking control of your mind, ask the Holy Spirit to use the symbols you have in awareness.

Golden Nugget:
“The way the Holy Spirit works is quite swift. Basically, we might say, the plan calls for lots of opportunities.  It is about taking control of your mind. The more willing you are to clear the darkness, the more rapid fire-like will the opportunities come. The Holy Spirit would not have you linger in time, would not delay the healing. The stronger your willingness is and the more willing you are to have that ‘up and out’ turned over to the Holy Spirit, the more helpful it is.

If you are consciously aware of some of the beliefs, you still need to turn them over to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has to use the symbols as part of the unraveling. Whenever I have had prayers for healing, it seems that the circumstances come pretty quickly that will allow me to have a change of mind. Turn it over as quickly as possible. It is only brought up into your awareness for you to let it go. The more riveted on your purpose you become, the easier this process will become. This is what A Course in Miracles means by being a happy learner. Happy learners are those who have their purpose out front and it takes a lot of practice to become a happy learner.”


Taking Control of Your Mind - Taking Control of Your Thoughts - You can Direct Your Thinking - Listen to this powerful talk

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