Seek Ye First the Kingdom (Part 1)

You have got to let guidance unwind you.

Be like a feather in the wind, living in the flow of trust, and divine providence will carry you. This is the message of the Holy Spirit; that when you put His purpose first, everything you need in this world will come without effort. But we can’t just wish the ego thought system away. As David Hoffmeister tells us in this talk, we have to purify the mind; we have to let Holy Spirit unwind us out.

Golden Nugget:
“We have to be convinced by the Spirit that fulfilling our function is not a sacrifice at all. Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves. We are not freeing anybody else. We are freeing our heart, we are freeing our soul, through that. I think when it comes down to answering the Call, once you just have a feeling like I want to fulfill my function, I want to answer my Call, but I have these things that I have to handle first, or these responsibilities, these duties, these obligations, or whatever; I have to say, Am I willing to be unwound from those false senses of responsibility, and duty, and obligation, and be taken back into a state of grace and a state of perfect innocence, in which I was created? That is why the title of my latest book that came out is called Unwind Your Mind Back to God. That unwinding is very, very important.
I am not going to live a life based on obligations. But we have to let the Holy Spirit rinse our mind of the obligations. We can’t abdicate. Even if the ego wound us in, we can’t just take out the sword and chop. We actually have to let the Holy Spirit unwind us out. The ego wound us into its thought system, and we have to let the Spirit unwind us.
You have got to let guidance unwind you. You can’t think that you know how to unwind yourself from the guilt, when it was your own best plans that the ego sponsored that got you into the guilt. How do you think that the ego is going to take you out of it, when it wants you guilty? It is not going to unwind you from that. So as we go deeper into it, and as we practice turning over our mind, turning over our thoughts, turning over our decision-making capabilities to the Spirit, the miracles just start raining in.”


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