Relationships Are Reflections of Your State of Mind

What is it that I need to see from this?

In this session from the Tabula Rasa Mystery School, the students are asked to share their experiences during an earlier session in which the movie, The Family Stone, was shown. This talk is an interactive session between David Hoffmeister and the school’s students. "Relationships Are Reflections of Your State of Mind" David shares insights about sickness, relationships, projection, fear of death, and family.

Golden Nugget:
“That movie really highlighted the value relationships have to us; in a sense, that they really reflect where our mind is at. Whether it is just the observer and we are just marveling at the dance and the flow of it all, and how everyone seems to be playing their part perfectly in perfect synchronicity, perfect timing, and how wonderful that feels…we are worthy of that mind training; to remain constantly in the observer or the dreamer state of mind, or whether it seems to trigger some pretty heavy-duty emotions inside. As Jesus says, you could have so much gratitude to your brother for both his love and his calls for love—if perceived correctly. A course in miracles 

So, it is a hint that, if we are really willing to let the Spirit use everything, then all of these seeming upsets, and these seeming crises and issues are actually our way out of hell. It’s our way out of fragmentation and separation and back to wholeness. If we can be open enough to say to the Holy Spirit, ‘What is it that I need to see from this?’—and I think that most of us are now getting into that habit of wanting to bring it back and go, ‘Hmmm, how am I feeling here and what is it that is upsetting me?’ It’s a very common question; because, if you look at all the great writers, the stories and the dramas, you think of Shakespeare and all the plays that Shakespeare wrote, he was really masterful at getting in touch with the human condition and all of those emotions, the crises, the tragedies, the betrayal, the deception, the jealousy, the envy, the attractions, the repulsions—everything that is part of the human—especially the frailness, the fragile nature of the emotions in the human condition, or even the vulnerability of the human condition, how extremely vulnerable… And yet, if you allow everything to be used, there really is only one lesson and that lesson is that there is no world outside of your Mind.” 

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