Relationship with Spirit

Let Spirit use your body to guide you Home!

Relationship is the path to Awakening. Spirit uses what the ego made to guide you back to divine Love, and non-compromise is key; you cannot compromise your heart if you desire real relationship with Spirit. Because of expectations, people are afraid to speak their heart or say what is on their mind. See that other bodies are acting out your own beliefs. Honesty with others brings you into touch with your own doubt thoughts about your true Identity as Spirit.
Addictions, appetites, and desires are misguided miracle impulses, stemming from a perception based in a belief in lack. Let Spirit use your body to guide you Home!

Golden Nugget:
“When there was this sense of separation from God, the ego projected out the people, the places, the events, and everything else, and used that projection to make its substitute for Love—the substitute self-concept—in place of the Christ-Self or the true Self. And so these configurations, including family and so on, are part of a defense against the intimacy of divine Love. So, there are a lot of expectations tied in with them as you go forward. That is why people are afraid to speak their heart or say what is on their mind. They do not want to rock the boat or get thrown out of the boat. Maybe you have heard stories of, I told my daughter that and she never spoke to me again for sixty years, or something like that. And so you’re thinking, I’m not going to go down that road. I will not risk the relationship.
But you start to realize the thoughts these characters are acting out are your own doubt thoughts about who you are. And thank goodness that they are acted out. I mean, that is how we get in touch with them; as they are acted out! We have them so pushed out of awareness that we are not even in touch with the dark thoughts, the subconscious thoughts of anger and attack; the rage that is underneath there. In fact, when Jesus is talking about the self-concept, he is talking about it as a two-tier system. He says the top tier is the ‘face of innocence.’ And the face of innocence is sometimes ‘wet with tears at the injustices of the world.’ T-31.V.3:2 (ACIM) But the face of innocence is like the top mask; the bottom mask is so dark that Jesus uses the phrase ‘draped with sin.’ That is how he describes the bottom tier. And the top tier was made so you never would have to look at the bottom tier. So, when these characters are acting things out on the top tier, or on the surface of consciousness, it is just really a good opportunity to start to say, 'What do I believe? What are my thoughts?' and start to see the need for healing. And it starts to take you in a whole new direction. Instead of being concerned with what other people are thinking and other people’s reactions, you start to see, 'Oh I’ve got a big internal job of healing to do here and I need to start to watch my thoughts more carefully and allow these thoughts to surface without concluding that I’m evil or bad. I just have to learn to let them come up; give them air, let them come, and have a bit of spaciousness so they can arise into awareness.'“


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