Mind Training Is Necessary

Allow the miracles!

Dive into the metaphysics of oneness, and the need for mind training in order to experience oneness directly. You are addicted to time, focused on time, and must let the Holy Spirit use time to collapse time, so you can come to an experience beyond beginnings and endings, birth and death. Let Him train your mind and show you that you have no need for time. Allow the miracles!

Golden Nugget:
“God is One; God is Love and peace and joy. When you want other things, you don’t want that one thing. In the Bible Jesus said to let ‘… thine eye be single.’ (Matthew 6:22) He was saying to focus your full attention on Heaven, on God. ‘To be in the Kingdom is merely to focus your full attention on it.’ T-7.III.4:1 That is why we need mind training. That is why we need discipline. God does not know of structure, but when the mind is very deceived and does not know Itself, structure is helpful. Every authentic spiritual path has a structure and A Course in Miracles is no different. It has a workbook with 365 lessons, one for every day of the year. It also asks you to follow the instructions. You ultimately need to follow the instructions and apply yourself.”


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