Life Is a Joy, Then You Ascend

Following the Holy Spirit is very simple.

In this vibrant talk, David Hoffmeister shares how all symbols are used to free the mind and bring it into its natural state of brilliance and jubilation. Life Is a Joy, Then You Ascend

Golden Nugget:
“The Spirit is not afraid of anything. You can be your authentic Self: very loving, very friendly, very happy, and offending no one. If someone seems to be offended, that is their lesson in forgiveness. If you are happy and peaceful, then you’re experiencing the lesson and there is nothing more. Following the Holy Spirit is very simple. The ego would say it is not easy, but nothing is easy to the ego; everything is difficult, everything is complicated. That is why you need to let go of the ego, if you want a simple and easy life. Like in Christian terms, 'Don’t make friends with the devil.' I would say, 'You don’t have to fight the devil.' I would say, 'Follow the Holy Spirit and see the impossibility of the devil.' That is how you transcend the devil. You pull your mind away from it. You don’t give it any attention, and you are not tricked.” 

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