Let Jesus Work with Your Thoughts and Feelings to Help Free Your Mind

Jesus and the Holy Spirit want us to be happy and can use anything in our lives to help lead us to this experience.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit want us to be happy and can use anything in our lives to help lead us to this experience; Let Jesus Work with Your Thoughts or feeling that is not of supreme joy can be used. David describes in this talk some of the dialogues that he had with Jesus years ago when he was unwinding from the ego thought system. The workbook lessons of A course in miracles are extremely practical and are a powerful tool to help you experience consistent peace of mind.

Golden Nugget:
“Jesus must work with the feelings that you are experiencing. A Course in Miracles is not to be used to suppress feelings. In fact, I would say in order for A Course in Miracles to work, you must allow all your feelings to come from the unconscious mind to the surface. Jesus never tells us not to get angry. But he does say anger is never justified, and pardon or forgiveness is always justified. That is a very simple idea but it’s an extremely important one. So let’s look at it in a very practical way. First, you notice anger arising in your awareness and you do not shut off these feelings. You don’t say, ‘I’m an A Course in Miracles student and I should not feel angry,’ because that is not going to help anything. Of course, we have to get to the root of that anger, and the Holy Spirit and Jesus use whatever we are feeling to help. I did the Workbook of A Course in Miracles, but that was pretty early on in my practice with the Course.

I continued to practice the Workbook in my mind with Jesus’ help for many years. When I would notice myself getting angry or upset Jesus would always remind me of lesson 5: ‘I am never upset for the reason I think.’ This was very helpful. Every time I would get angry I would be reminded: ‘I’m not upset for the reason I think.’ This would allow me to take a pause for a moment about the thoughts in my mind. Then lesson 6 is: ‘I am upset because I see something that is not there.’ And then number 7: ‘I see only the past.’ And number 8: ‘My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.’ So this would reorient me to, 'Ahh the reason I’m upset is because I’m still on this pathway of ego thinking.' And then Jesus would talk to me. He would say, 'It’s not about this person. It’s not about these words. It’s not about these actions.' He would say, 'You have a thinking addiction. You’re still thinking with the ego.' And then he would remind me of another lesson: ‘I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.’ W-281 And then he would remind me that I could change my thoughts. He would say this will take a lot of work and determination; just like anything in this world requires an effort. He said, It will take an effort to let go of these ego thoughts. But he would add, 'This is a good use of time and this will lead to a true experience of forgiveness.' So we have to be convinced that it’s these ego thoughts that are the problem.”

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