Jesus Knows the Way!

Jesus works with us gently to unwind the mind.

Jesus knows the way to Truth beyond the endless maze of roles, concepts, and beliefs that we have accumulated in this world. Transcending fear requires listening to and following guidance. David Hoffmeister shares how Jesus used the mechanism of travel to undo the belief in ego preferences and attachments, and thus to undo fear.  Living Miracles Center 

Family roles and responsibilities are often a concern as we start to embark on the path back to truth. Jesus works with us gently to unwind the mind.

Golden Nugget:
"To me, the key to happiness is to let go of the meaning given to everything in this world. Sometimes parents have said, ‘You don’t understand! This is my child. What does this mean to me?’ Children are mirrors, like all bodies. They are just mirroring what is going on in your mind. If you believe they are weak and frail or unable to take care of themselves, that is what you believe about yourself. They are just acting it out to show you what you believe. They are not separate beings with their separate minds with separate thoughts because everything and everybody is part of the projection.
There have been psychologists like Carl Jung who have talked about the shadow, or the unconscious mind. This world is simply a projection of the unconscious mind. So, the goal of life is to become fully conscious; to not have part of your mind that is hidden or pushed away. Invite it up! Let it come up into awareness. When this happens, the ego will say there is something going on out there in the world, but nothing is ever going wrong in the world. Even when there is a world war going on, like World War I or World War II, that is just a projection of unconscious guilt in the mind. So, if the war isn’t in the world, where is the war? It is a war in your mind, believing that you could separate from God. God did not create any wars. We all must face the war inside. That is why I spent so many years crying, and so many years letting up all these emotions.”

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