How Wonderful, Everything Is Falling Apart

This world of images that you see is a projection of attack thoughts

This world of images that you see is a projection of attack thoughts; an attempt to dilute the guilt you feel from the belief that you've attacked God during the separation. Forgiveness is the great unifier and it is essential that you allow the darkness to come up for forgiveness and receive the correction. The Holy Spirit uses contrast experiences to bring this unconscious darkness into awareness. At the core of this healing is the purifying of desire—you have to want to see. This is part of the dismantling process, which is horrific to the ego, but the Holy Spirit rejoices at this as it means that you are literally coming closer and closer to the light of truth!


“Everything in the world is backwards and upside down. When you think you succeed in this world, you actually go deeper into the darkness. It’s all backwards and upside down! Jesus comes right out and says in A Course in Miracles that the world is backwards and upside down and that you cannot judge your advances from your retreats. Whoa! This is some sneaky illusion when you cannot judge your advances from your retreats; when what you think you’re doing is defined as succeeding in this world, and you’re winding yourself deeper into layers of darkness and deception, like the movie Inception. That is a pretty sneaky ‘puff of nothingness.’
When I would meet the people that had gone through the extremes, who had cracked open, they would look at me with this sparkle of hope in their eyes, like they had been through the ringer; I mean, really through the ringer. They were resonating with what I was talking about. I would say, ‘Be of good cheer! You’re only once removed from reality.’ And metaphorically speaking, once removed is better than twice removed; but not in reality, as there is no order of difficulty in miracles.
That’s why, when things start to fall apart and things start to be extreme, you don’t know it! You think, Uh oh, the wheels are falling off the car and the shit is hitting the fan and it’s going to be really nasty! The ego is judging that. The Spirit is just saying, ‘Keep coming. You’re really coming in here. You’re zeroing in to the Atonement. You are getting closer to reality.’ The less you hide it and the less you hide your pain, the more you’re able to release your pain. Isn’t that different from the body builders ‘no pain no gain’ attitude!? You see how different that is. Let it come through, be aware of it. Let it come up but don’t hide it. Give it over to the Holy Spirit. That is very different.
So, to me that was amazing. That is what I loved about traveling around the world and going to other countries, because the Holy Spirit, Jesus, was saying, ‘Pay attention. I’m going to show you this world is backwards and upside down. I’m going to show you the way, but it’s not what you think it is.’ The way seems straight and narrow, like he said in the Bible, and I was shown what that was and how insidious the ego is. It’ll try to fool you into thinking that you’re succeeding when you’re just wrapped up in more veils. That is what we have to do here. We have to really see it for what it is. It’s important!”





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