Exposing the Clever One

The Holy Spirit is that help.

David Hoffmeister shares powerful insights about how clever the ego is in tricking us into believing that the separation from God has occurred. Though the ego is ingenious, ingenuity will never set the mind free to experience its true Identity as Spirit. There is need for help from beyond the dream and the Holy Spirit is that help. Exposing the Clever One David speaks with humor and divine clarity about how to let go of this insane thought system of stress and fear and return to our True Identity. He shares helpful ways to trust your intuition, listen to that small still voice and follow it, in order to be unwound from the illusion.

Golden Nugget:
“We have to realize that our mind is waking up. So, everything our mind needs will be given, but not everything the person need; the person is the mask! It has built-in preferences and desires. It is just a symbolic representation of wanting something other than God. You can just look in the mirror and say:

I am looking at a symbolic representation of wanting something other than God. But things are going to change, oh clever one, because ‘Toto has pulled the curtain on the wizard.’ And once this curtain is pulled, I’m not playing those clever games anymore. I am not going to believe in anything that you taught me, oh cleverness, because as ingenious as you are, you are crazy. You are insane. You are limitation. You are lack. You are deception. You are a death wish. I am not going to follow a death wish anymore.

So you may look into the mirror for a moment and think:
Well, well, well what have we here? A solid representation of error that was made by the clever one. I am going to give it over. I am going to give it over to the Spirit to use whatever this clever one made to unwind me from this world. Take me Home! I will listen to You. I will follow You. You are in me as sure as anything is in me. You are the Comforter. You are the One that knows true comfort beyond the suffering of the world. You are the One that knows the way Home.”

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