Contentment: Who Is the "You" That Wants?

Your holiness is your salvation!

The state of purity that you are as God created you is free of challenge of any kind. Your life can be absolutely effortless and free. Exchange wanting for peaceful contentment as you question the ego thought system. Hear David Hoffmeister go into the question of, “Who is the ‘you’ that wants?” and see that only ego can want anything, because it is the belief in separation and lack. Your holiness is your salvation!

Golden Nugget:
“We aren’t here on this planet to do anything. We aren’t even here to manifest a better life. I go around the world talking about the impossibility of manifesting and those talks are always popular (… not!). But if you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you have to see that even manifesting is an illusion. It actually can help you to realize the power of your mind and therefore it does have some value. But you don’t want to get stuck in it. Then you have to manifest the things that you ‘want,’ but you’re still stuck in wanting. Then, even when you manifest what you want, you will still want more.
Don’t forget the 23rd Psalm: ‘The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.’
I guarantee, contentment is better than wanting. I guarantee you, present peace is better than wanting. There is nothing that wanting will ever bring you, except for illusions.
Even manifesting in the end begs the question, ‘Who is the “you” that wants to manifest?’ If God created you as perfect Spirit, there is no wanting in that 'You.' Christ has no wants, because It is everything. That is our Identity.”


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