Community beyond This World

The linear perception of the world is going “bye-bye.”

It is possible to listen to the Voice for God all through the day without interrupting your regular activities in any way "Community beyond This World". This flow is the experience to which all spiritual paths point. Learn the intuitive way, and see that nothing is ever what it seemed to be. The linear perception of the world is going “bye-bye.” David Hoffmeister Video

Golden Nugget:
“The stillness of mind is that presence is the flow. And if your mind nudges just the slightest bit toward the past, it is not the stillness and the flow. If it nudges just a little bit to the future, it is not the stillness and the flow. Everything you need to know, you already know in the here and now. But your practice is staying in touch with what you already know, and not giving into the lie that you have to rely on others to inform you, to tell you what to do, where to go, or anything. So, the only way this will work is with a high level of trust.
Why is there a high level of rules and regulations in society? Why do we have prisons? Why do we have schools? Why do we have rules and traffic lights and schemes of regulation? The whole world is a world of regulation because of fear. The fear is that, without the regulation, it would be chaos. And the Spirit is saying, ‘No, without the regulation, all would be Love. Trust me, follow me, step by step, moment by moment, and I will show you the way to live in Love and see that you do not need regulations to be who you are.'”

Hello dear viewer: "Community beyond This World" is discussed in full detail in this audio. If you play this audio, you will know more about "Community beyond This World" and your experience will increase after playing this audio. So please play the audio at least once. We believe you will benefit greatly.

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