Church Is a State of Mind

It is a present moment experience that comes when you are willing to lay aside all false idols and open your mind to God

You might associate the word “Church Is a State of Mind” with a building or an organized religion, but these are merely symbols that can be used to point towards the Kingdom of Heaven within. As Jesus taught, “My Kingdom is not of this world.” John 18:36 So, it must be also true that “my church” is not of this world. A course in miracles

Church is a symbol that really signifies a consistently peaceful state of mind. It is vibrant, involuntary, and spontaneous. It is a present moment experience that comes when you are willing to lay aside all false idols and open your mind to God and His eternal Kingdom!

Golden Nugget:
“You may say that the future has not yet happened, but if you’re going to accept that, then you have to accept that the past has not happened either! You really have to have a complete transformation of consciousness, because the belief that it has not happened yet, but will happen, is hypothetical. It’s saying that there actually will be a future. And we are seeing that hypothetical thinking is not God’s Will for us. We were not created as beings that can think hypothetically, and yet that is all that the human experience is about: If I do that, then this will happen. Humans are always planning for the future, even on the spiritual journey: 'I’m going to make it some day; in the future I will be enlightened.' It just goes around and around, and the mind imagines all kinds of scenes and scenarios. It’s just all hypothetical! The experience of simultaneity is that everything is simultaneous and that we don’t have to think in hypotheticals anymore, because that was where the guilt came in. Hypothetical attractions, hypothetical repulsions—hypotheticals! The present moment doesn’t have any of those. It’s contentment. The present moment is full of contentment. No one can truly be restless right now. We are always remembering or anticipating restlessness. Absolutely content! In the present moment, the mind is content. It’s quite an adventure!”

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